Staff Profile

Kevin-GarveyKevin Garvey, Manager joined the Board of Directors of   Kiltimagh  Credit Union in 1998. Kevin worked with  the Credit Committee, Membership  Committee and the Promotion/Education Committee before being elected      Chairperson of the Board in 2000.  He was appointed by the  Board as Office    Administrator in 2002 and played a major role in  developing Kiltimagh Credit Union  into the €16 million asset  organisation it is today. Kevin studied for and obtained a Diploma  on Credit Union Studies from UCC in 2005 and added an  Advanced Certificate in Credit Union Practices from the University  of Ulster in 2009.

In 2012 Kevin added another Diploma in Credit Union Operations to his qualifications. He holds the position of Secretary of Chapter 18,  which is a meeting forum for 13 Credit Union in Mayo and  Roscommon, and in 2011 Kevin was appointed secretary of  Interchapter, which is a similar forum incorporating seven  counties in the West and Midlands region. Kevin’s passion for and knowledge of the Credit Union movement is widely recognised throughout the country and in particular at League level where he was appointed to the Nominations Committee of that orgainsation in 2013 and this has resulted in him becoming a major asset to Kiltimagh Credit Union.

Susan-GurrenSusan Gurren, Assistant Manager joined Kiltimagh Credit Union 1997 as a teller. Susan played a vital role in developing many of the services offered by the Credit Union to its members at the moment. Through her excellent IT skills she has fined tuned the Automated Standing Order processes, Internal Transfers, Electronic Fund Transfer and Direct Farm Payment systems that are in operation and available to members in Kiltimagh Credit Union today.

Her knowledge of the Foreign Exchange process makes her an indispensible asset to the organisation. Susan studied for and obtained an Advanced Certificate in Credit Union Practices from the University of Ulster in 2010.  In her role as Promotions coordinator Susan organises many events for Kiltimagh Credit Union, the most popular of these being the annual local National School Quiz and Poster Competition. With her knowledge of the Credit Union process and ethos of the movement Susan has become a reliable and trusted source of information and education for our members.

Mary-BurkeMary Burke, Senior Teller, joined Kiltimagh Credit Union in 2005. Mary was a familiar face to many of our members as she had previously worked in the Bank Of Ireland across the road from the Credit Union. Mary brought a wealth of experience to the organisation and quickly stamped her unique friendly and helpful style on the role. Her cash management and people skills are second to none and over the past seven years Mary has become a trusted and loyal friend to many of our members. Like Susan, Mary studied for an Advanced Certificate in Credit Union Practices from the University of Ulster in 2010 and has used the knowledge gained from that qualification to provide support and reassurance to our members in these difficult times.

Aoife-MahonAoife Mahon, Credit Controller, Joined Kiltimagh Credit Union in 2010.  The loan book of Kiltimagh Credit Union has grown dramatically over the last ten years and now stands at over €7 million. In 2010 the Board of Directors decided that the repayment of this amount of credit exposure should be handled professionally and hired Aoife to do the job. She brings a wealth of expertise in credit control to the organisation with thirteen year experience in that area with her previous employer. Aoife deals with delinquent members in a very professional and diplomatic fashion and her unique approach has resulted in major success for the Credit Union in this area.

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