Online Banking

CU247 – Credit Union Online Application

This is the most exciting product we have ever launched.  CU247 is a fully functional online application similar to that used by the commercial Banks. It allows the you to:

  1. View your balances and detailed statements.
  2. Transfer money, that is not secured against a loan, within your accounts (Main, Sub, Flexi and so on).
  3. Request that another member is flagged as a ‘Related’ party to you (Husband, Wife, Sibling)  and transfer money to their account.
  4. Apply to ‘activate’ your Mobile Phone on CU247 because you will need to receive ‘Conformation Codes’ by text to generate transfers to Bank Accounts from your Credit Union Account.
  5. Set up ‘Payee’ accounts on CU247, such as your Current Account in your Bank, and generate SEPA transfers from your Credit Union Flexi Account to those Bank accounts using the security ‘codes’ you receive to your phone in step 4

Simply click on ‘Register’ fill in the details and submit. We will send you a user ID and PIN number separately.  Please keep this information secure and  confidential and read the terms and conditions by clicking on below.

Terms and Conditions governing online operations Kiltimagh Credit Union Ltd